What To Look For In A Roof When You’re Buying A New Home

By September 30, 2019 February 12th, 2020 No Comments

Did you know one of the most expensive features on a new home is the roof? That is why giving it the best inspection can save you a lot of money during the process of buying a new home. To ensure you are looking at all the right items while inspecting, we have created a list. Below is what to look for in a roof when you’re buying a new home. 


First and foremost, you should gather insight into how old the roof is. An aging roof isn’t going to protect your new home for long, meaning you could wind up paying for your new home and a new roof in a short timespan. Although the average roof can last up to 50 years, it doesn’t hurt to look into it further. Knowing the age of the roof can also help you decide on a final offer amount for the home. The older the roof, the more likely you’ll have to add repairs/replacements into your budget. For more insight about the lifespan of a roof: click here

Ventilation System:

Another big factor for a healthy roof is a ventilation system. Keep your eyes peeled for a system that allows sunlight and air to come in. If the home has a poor ventilation system, it can lead to a number of problems like structural decay and health risks for your family, like the formation of mold. 


As we all know, mold on anything is never good. You’re probably wondering how you could possibly see mold all the way from the ground while inspecting the exterior of the home. Well, there are many things that happen to a roof when mold is involved. Be on the lookout for warping or lifting of shingles. Mold is a sign of water intrusion causing the roof to react. If you are able to see the roof more clearly, look for black, green, or brown spots, and white thread-like mold. 

Cracks & Leaks:

Cracks and leaks in the roof have a huge role in damaging both the interior and exterior of a home. When looking for these breakages, watch for water stains on the ceiling. There might also be brown rings from puddles. When the roof has cracks or leaks, the shingle granules can come off the surface and land in the gutters.


A seepage system includes downspouts, gutters, and drainage pipes. Make sure to investigate the seepage system to ensure all parts are in good condition. One telltale sign of a bad seepage system is musty odors coming from the upstairs of the home. 


Buying a new home is a huge commitment. Roofing problems are the last issue you want when you move into your new house. If you’re up to date on what to expect as a buyer, you’ll get a home with a roof that is in good condition. If you have more questions about these inspections, Royalty Roofing is here for you! Click here to contact us or feel free to give us a call at 402-216-8850.