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Timeless or Trendy? 2021 Home Exterior Trends

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In the age of Chip & Joanna Gaines, house flippers, and DIYers, home renovations have become cooler than ever. In turn, home style trends are changing at a rapid pace. If you are planning a home renovation, it can be easy to get caught up in these trends. Unless you’re able to completely redo your home every five years (nope), it’s just about impossible to keep up on the trends. If you want your home to stay stylish for years to come, it’s important to refer back to the tried and true fundamentals of design. In this blog post, we’re taking a look at the top 3 home exterior trends that are not only cool, but timeless.

Creamy White

White homes have become increasingly popular over the last year or so, and there is a reason why! White is the most timeless home exterior color around. This is a classic option because of it’s clean and simple appearance. It also matches with any exterior colors you choose for trim, roofing, windows and doors, and gutters. In addition, white pairs well with natural wood elements.

2021 Home Exterior Trends - White Farm House    2021 Home Exterior Trends - White Farm House

Natural Wood

Not only is wood a durable material that will last for years to come, but it is also one of the most timeless materials you can incorporate into your home. When thinking about exterior home design styles, natural wood has remained popular throughout the years. Not only is wood aesthetically appealing, but when used in the form of siding or roofing, it’s functional as well. Wood accents can also easily be incorporated into shutters, doors, beams and porch railings.

2021 Home Exterior Trends - Natural Wood    2021 Home Exterior Trends - Natural Wood

Big Windows

When it comes to 2021 home design trends, you can count on seeing the incorporation of large, unobstructed, and elongated windows. Picture windows, floor to ceiling windows, and skylights all allow for an influx of natural light within the home. These large windows not only look appealing from the outside, but they help to create a bright and airy home interior. In order to maintain timelessness, it is important to ensure that your new windows match the original architecture of your home.

2021 Home Exterior Trends - Big Windows    2021 Home Exterior Trends - Big Windows

If you have exterior home renovations planned for 2021, we would love to work with you. We can help you choose exterior home finishes that will help you stay on-trend while also keeping your home timeless. Contact us today so we can discuss your ideas!

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