How Do Gutter Guards Work?

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We all know how bothersome it can be to clean debris out of our gutters season after season and year after year. Hauling a ladder around your yard, climbing up and down, cleaning up the mess, and of course the horrible smell – it’s hardly anyone’s favorite chore. If left undone, the buildup of debris in your gutters can cause clogs, which leads to overflowing gutters during rain. Overflowing water can cause a variety of issues like rotted fascia, damaged or discolored siding, and eroded landscaping. In severe cases, flooded basements and damaged foundations.

There is one simple solution to eliminating both of these problems – gutter guards! Gutter guards are designed to allow water into your gutters so it can be properly diverted, while also keeping debris out. Let’s take a closer look at how the ArmourGuard Gutter Guards we install work.

The Components

ArmourGuard Gutter Guards are made of a stainless steel mesh and an anodized aluminum frame. The guards are attached to the gutter using a high-grade, rubberized, adhesive seal. This seal is designed to maintain pliability and never become dry or brittle. The holes of the fine micro-mesh are so tiny that nothing can pass through them, except for water.

Gutter guards are also designed to lay flat at the same pitch as your roof. Not only are they discrete and unnoticeable, but the angle ensures that debris will never accumulate on top. When we say you’ll never have to clean your gutters again, we mean it!


Year-Round Protection

Gutter guards also come in heated options, which prevent the build up of snow and ice in the winter, preventing costly damage from ice dams and icicles. You can read more about ice dams in our last blog post..

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