The Dos And Don’ts of Hanging Christmas Lights

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The holidays are here and it’s time to hang your Christmas lights. While you sort out your decorating and plan your masterpiece, be sure to read the dos and don’ts of hanging your Christmas lights. 


Check your electrical system before you start hanging up your lights.
You should inspect your outlets and plugins to make sure they are usable. Check for any sparks or heat coming from them. If you sense something is wrong, be sure to call an electrician. 

Use the buddy system with the ladder.
Even if the job seems easy, make sure you have someone to steady the ladder and generally keep an eye out for your safety. It may come as a surprise to you but most professionals use the buddy system as well. 

Consider magnetic hooks to hang your holiday lights.
Although they require you to install only on metal, these handy helpers are much safer to use and easier to take down. 

Consider peel & stick hooks made specifically for hanging lights on your home.
Peel & Stick hooks are damage free and semi-permanent. These can be used for multiple years and can be left after the holidays as a blueprint of where to hang next year.

Hire a professional.
This might cost you a little extra but it does ensure your safety. Try someone who has a lot of experience working outside on ladders like your handyman, window washer, or even landscaper. 

Invest in LED bulbs.
LED light bulbs will cost you more initially but will save you money in the long run. They will last approximately 12 times as long as traditional bulbs. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient as well. 


Don’t staple or nail holiday lights onto your roof.
Nailing or stapling electrical cords or wire is a recipe for disaster. You could potentially electrocute yourself or someone else, as well as cause damage to your roofing or gutters. 

Don’t mix up your indoor and outdoor lights.
Your outdoor lights tend to burn hotter than indoor lights. Hanging up outdoor lights inside your living room could cause a fire or potentially burn someone, so don’t forget to check the specification of the lights. 

Don’t leave your lights on all hours of the night.
A great way to solve this problem is to invest in a timer for your inside and outside lights. This will also keep you from burning pointless energy at 3 am. 

Don’t overdo the power.
If your lights keep tripping the circuit breaker, you probably have too many lights up. Fix this by removing a couple of strands and testing them. 

Don’t forget to test your lights before you hang them up.
You should always check to make sure the whole strand of lights works before you take the time to hang them on your roof. If they end up having damage or some don’t work, you will end up wasting your time taking them down. 

We hope these dos and don’ts make a difference while you are hanging your holiday lights this year. Have questions or comments? Let us know. We would love to hear from you! 

Notice any roofing or gutter issues while hanging your lights? Get in touch with our roofing experts to schedule your free inspection.

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