As homeowners living in the midwest, we know the chance of anyone having an accurate prediction of the first snowfall is slim to none, and with that snow comes ice – lots of it. Ice can create huge buildups on your roof called ice dams. These dams can damage your gutters and roof if you don’t eliminate them quickly. Therefore, it is never too early to learn about removing ice dams from your roof!

Chip Away the Icicles

Although chipping away the icicles should be your last resort, this option will be your quickest. By taking a long pole, you can simply knock them down. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t stand directly under the gutters while doing this. Take precautions and check for electrical lines, windows, and any other obstacles before you start swinging. You don’t need to remove all of the ice, just enough for the melted snow and ice to run through your gutters. 

Spray Warm Water

This solution is only temporary but will produce immediate results. Fill a spray bottle with hot water and spray the ice to loosen it up. Before you do this, you should be aware that there’s a chance the warm water will freeze, leaving you with more ice than you started with.

Eliminate the Source

Eliminating the source is the best solution. You can safely remove the ice and snow on your roof from the ground by using a snow rake. Pull the snow towards you, being careful to avoid any side-to-side motions that could ruin your shingles or result in permanent damage to your gutters. 

Get Creative with Home Resources

You would be surprised at how many household items you have laying around that can help you remove ice dams. 

Panty Hose: Fill the stockings with chemical deicer and seal off the ends. Then lay them on top of your ice-filled gutters and allow the chemicals to leak through and melt the ice.

Heated Cables: Using clips, attach the heated cables along the roof’s edge in a zigzag pattern. This solution allows you to equalize your roof’s temperature by heating it from the outside. It is very important to be proactive and install these cables before bad weather hits. 

Use a Deicer

Another dependable way to remove ice dams from your roof is to buy and use deicers. Be aware that any DIY deicers may destroy your roof. The best deicers are sold at most home improvement stores. Following the label instructions, you can sprinkle the deicer on top of the ice in your gutters. This solution will slowly melt the ice away from your roof. 

We’ll give you one last tip. The best way to avoid ice jams is to make sure your roof is well-insulated and ventilated. Make sure there are no leaks where air can get in. If you need your roof inspected before any further snow and ice hit your home, Royalty Roofing would love to help. Contact us for more information on how to get started!