Spring Cleaning Your Roof

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February has been teasing us with warm weather here and there, and we can only hope that spring is upon us. Spring means spending more time outside and being outside means focusing on your curb appeal. Preparing your roof for spring can be crucial to your curb appeal and we are here to help. Below are 5 ways to spring clean your roof!

Remove Debris

A roof filled with needles, leaves and maybe even some trash doesn’t impress anyone. Under that winter debris is a roof that deserves to be seen. Sweeping and pushing debris off your roof can also benefit the longevity of your roof. If you can’t reach or the debris is plentiful, consider hiring a professional to help. 

Wash Away Mildew

You might find more mildew on your roof than you imagined. If you have an older roof, be sure to look in the areas of your roof that are surrounded by trees. Any roof that has multiple spots filled with algae or mildew can look ugly, but washing them away can make a huge difference. A gentle wash with a water and bleach mixture can clear your roof. 

Upgrade Your Gutters

Since gutters are one of the most visible parts of your roof, you will want to make sure they aren’t sagging, cracked, or crooked. Thankfully, any gutter can be replaced which is why we recommend you do so for spring. Replacing your gutters can give your home a much-needed facelift. Maybe consider upgrading to copper gutters or something more stylish to make your roof look younger.

Repair Edges

The edges of your roof can make or break your curb appeal. When your neighbors get up close and personal with your home, you don’t want them looking at cracked edges on your roof that make your home look old. Make sure you are inspecting your roof for any frayed or uneven shingles. Generally speaking, nothing on your roof should be cracked, crooked or look out of place.  

Update Your Color Palette

If you are feeling really determined, try changing up your color. You might spot a few shingles that have faded over time. Updating the color on any exterior items can really make a difference. Spring is the time of refreshment and what better way to refresh your home than changing a shade or two. If you are looking to change more than just your roof color, check out our blog about the siding trends for 2020 here

We hope we aren’t the only ones counting down the days until we see warmer weather. But when we do, this will be the first thing on our list of to-dos. Hopefully, spring cleaning your roof helps make a difference with your curb appeal and it might just inspire your neighbor to clean theirs too! Royalty Roofing would love to hear from you. Let us know if these tips and tricks worked. Leave your comments below.

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