Preparing Your Roof for Summer Storms

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As a homeowner in the midwest, you have to be prepared for storms starting in April all the way to Septemeber sometimes. Summer storms often come with a lot of rain, wind, possible tornadoes, and even heavy hail. Below we have outlined major tasks to complete when you are preparing your roof for summer storms. Click here for more details on 3 different types of wind damage.


Trim Surrounding Trees

First and foremost, you should trim any surrounding trees that have straggly branches. You’re probably thinking, “A falling tree can cause more major damage to my home than small baby branches.” You are right but just remember small branches can also damage the surface of your shingles, leading to granular loss and damage to the protective coating. Removing any hazard around your roof is ideal, but we like to say 6 feet of clearance is best. 

Clean out Your Gutters

Clean. Out. Your. Gutters. We cannot stress this enough. Your gutters are built for directing water away from your house. If they are filled with debris, they can’t function properly. By cleaning out your gutters, you are allowing any water to flow away from the house. Another reason you should be cleaning your gutters regularly is that backed up drains will push water to drip down your exterior walls, causing a weaker foundation.

Check for Leaks

Checking for leaks on your roof before the summer storms hit is crucial to the longevity of your roof’s life. Leaks can cause havoc on your home. By checking for leaks, you are assuring that your roof won’t take on added water with the upcoming storms. If existing leaks on your roof become bigger, it can cause problems not only to your insulation and electrical wiring, but also your walls and foundation. 

Make Repairs

At the end of your prep, be sure to make note of the problems and move forward by making the fixes. Staying on top of any minor issues will help give your roof a longer life. If you have any questions or bigger concerns, please contact a professional. 

Extra Tip

Another tip to prepare for summer storms is to secure your exterior furniture. Make sure your planters, umbrellas, patio tables and chairs, lanterns, and hammocks are all put away. Rain, hail, and winds can cause items to break or be severely damaged. 

By preparing your roof for summer storms, you are ensuring the safety of your home. The experts at Royalty Roofing can help you with these steps. If you are ready to let go of the work and let the professionals handle the job, call us today at 402-216-8850 for a free estimate or fill out our form online. Royalty Roofing also offers financing with any home project. Apply today! 

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