With Christmas right around the corner, it’s almost time to hang your outdoor Christmas lights. We understand that it can be overwhelming and that’s why we are here to help. Below are 5 tips for hanging outdoor Christmas lights. 

Start Small

Maybe this is your first time hanging Christmas lights or maybe it’s your fifteenth time. Either way, you should start small. Think about hanging your lights on trees, bushes, or maybe just your front door for a great focal point. By starting small, you can add new displays each year. Here are some ideas for around the house lighting. 

Create a Plan

Another tip for creating a masterpiece with your Christmas lights is to create a plan before you start. This will make hanging your outdoor Christmas lights that much smoother. Think about what kind of lights you want. Do you like a simple look? Or do you prefer your home to be the best display on the block? While you are making your plan, be sure to take a good long look at your home and decide how many lights you will need to fit the look you want. Another part of your plan should also include other elements around your house. There is more than a roofline to light, like pillars or a pathway. 

Safety First

While hanging your outdoor Christmas lights, you will want to be safe before anything else. If you’re using a ladder, find a spot with solid, even ground and make sure to double-check that your ladder is sturdy. Never decorate or light a tree that is touching a power line. And, if possible, work with a partner. For more information about safety, while hanging your Christmas lights, you can find it here

Power Up

Your outdoor Christmas lights should be powered through a protected outlet. Try to avoid running your cords everywhere. If your cords become too hazardous, try a portable device that brings you power where you need it. Don’t forget to turn off your lights before heading to bed and don’t leave them on while you are away from home.

Take your time, create your plan and power up safely! We hope these tips help you create the perfect holiday home. Happy holidays from your friends at Royalty Roofing!