3 Types of Wind Damage

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Anyone who lives in the midwest knows the wind can be brutal. When the winds pick up, it can stress areas of your home, often resulting in damage. Below we have provided 3 areas you should be monitoring during any wind storm. 

Severe Roof Damage:

With your roof being the most vulnerable and exposed part of your home, it’s extremely susceptible to wind damage. When the wind is too strong, it can loosen up the connectors and fasteners under the roof. In severe cases, this could cause the walls to loosen, allowing the wind to blow the roof off the house.

Roof damage caused by winds is due to the “uplift” effect that happens when the air pressure below the roof is greater than the air pressure above. The air pressure below the roof increases, resulting in an upward force. Wind damage can also cause the roof’s membrane to separate at the seams and flashings. For more information on what roofing material is right for your home, click here

Shingle Damage:

While most modern shingles are designed to be wind-resistant, there are circumstances when they can be torn off during severely windy conditions. We often see two different types of shingle damage when it comes to wind. The first is pretty self-explanatory – if the shingles aren’t nailed on properly, they tend to fly off the roof. The second isn’t quite as obvious. Strong winds can cause the protective granule to fall off asphalt shingles, causing them to be more vulnerable to future weather disruptions. 

Siding Damage:

With any heavy winds impacting your home, you should be keeping an eye on your siding. Although vinyl siding is durable, if the wind is strong enough – it can be destroyed. Your siding can be cracked or it could break completely under the pressure of harsh winds.

Storms are something Royalty Roofing takes on every year. They are nothing new to us. Throughout the storm season in Nebraska, we see heavy winds, rain, and even hail. We would love to help with any repairs, inspections, or replacements! Call today or fill out our form online to schedule a free estimate. 402-216-8850

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