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2020 Front Door Trends

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New year, new door. Your front door can add a lot to your home’s curb appeal. Updating certain elements of your home can help refresh the exterior for the new year. Below we have listed a couple of 2020 front door trends that will have your neighbors knocking in no time. 

Mixing Styles and Designs

Mixing different styles for your front door can create a hybrid look to spice things up. This trend is very popular in the midwest. By taking a farmhouse style and adding modern trim, you give your curb appeal a striking look. Another design people are using is taking clapboard siding with textures of a vertical style of board and batten to create visual interest in balance. 


Homeowners are continuing to invest in the minimal look with their front doors because of the little to no maintenance required. A minimal front door usually includes vertical windows with little detail. However, the look of your minimal front door is ultimately up to you. The design of a minimal door can really share your clean personality with your neighbors.

Blue/gray minimalist style exterior door for home.

Shiny Hardware

Another trend to make your front door show your personality is to replace basic hardware with bold and shiny hardware. Most front doors don’t showcase the details that updating your fixtures can. Your door can go from boring to bright with a quick update. 

Brass Gothic thumb latch door handle on French Doors

Wooden Glass Panels

One of our favorite trends is mixing wood with glass. Wood doors are such a traditional look and by adding the glass, you create a whole new look. This trend can give your curb appeal a more earthy, muted feeling. The natural look of your new front door will be very inviting for your next guests. 

Modern exterior door for home with mix of wood and glass panels

Create Your Own Color

Finding the right color for your door can be a pain. Sometimes the perfect color you are looking for might not exist. Have you ever thought about inventing your own color? If you are painting your front door yourself, try heading to your nearest home improvement stores to get some advice on mixing and methods. You can usually find great tips! 

By revamping your front door in 2020, you can really make a statement for your curb appeal. These trends can have as much impact as you would like. If you are wanting to let go of the work, Royalty Roofing would like to take on your next project. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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