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What Are Impact-Resistant Shingles?

By June 3, 2019 December 19th, 2019 No Comments

What type of roof is best for your home? It depends, to a large degree, on where you live. For us here in the Omaha and Siouxland areas, we need roofs that stand up to the extremes in temperatures and weather conditions that we experience on an annual basis.

Our roofing systems need to withstand strong winds and pummeling hailstorms just as they must be ventilated with the ultimate in moisture prevention and energy conservation in mind. At Royalty Roofing, we are experts in all things related to roofing in the midwest. One of the products we get asked about most during this time of year are impact-resistant shingles. Learn all about them below.

What are impact-resistant shingles?

Impact-resistant shingles are like body armor for your roof. They are considered a class 4 product, and are designed to stand up to severe weather such as high winds and hail. They are often made of copper, aluminum, resin and plastic.

What do impact-resistant shingles do?

Impact-resistant shingles are designed to withstand winds up to 110 mph and can be rated to withstand hailstones of virtually any size. There is a range of shingles available, depending on your needs. Shingles are tested by having steel balls dropped on them to simulate hail and are rated based on how heavy of an impact they can withstand.

Do impact-resistant shingles cost more?

On paper, impact-resistant shingles do cost more. They are a premium product and are very effective in doing their job. However, the reason why many homeowners find them worth the investment is because they end up paying for themselves in the end. While they may prevent you from having to get your roof replaced, they also may prolong the life of your roof from regular wear and tear.

Additionally, some homeowners may qualify for insurance premium discounts. In order to find out if you might qualify, check with your insurance company.

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