4 Signs That You Are Due For New Siding

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The siding on your home serves two main purposes – looks and protection. Although the protection of your home is the most important, it’s no secret that the overall look of your siding can be an indicator of how well your siding is actually protecting your home.

Like anything, as siding ages, it shows signs. To help you decipher if it’s time to replace your siding, we’ve put together a complete checklist of things to look for. 

4 Signs That You Are Due For New Siding

High Energy Bills

Since your siding plays a huge role in insulation, your energy bills may rise when it is performing poorly. Older types of siding by nature are less energy-efficient. And when the old siding continues to age, your heated or conditioned air escapes through your walls more easily. This leads to increased energy costs and a home that is less comfortable due to fluctuations in temperature.

Dents, Cracks, Chips, & Holes

Some of the more obvious signs of wear and tear include hail damage, dents or cracks from tree limbs, or chips. As Nebraskans, we’re no strangers to these types of storm damages. Luckily, some of these issues may be resolved with a simple repair vs replacement. In other cases, these damages are a sign of aging. If you are unsure, contact our office and we’d be happy to send one of our inspectors out to help you determine the best solution.

Bubbling & Warping

Bubbling on your siding is an indicator of one of two problems. The first is that your vinyl siding has been overexposed to extreme heat. This is rare, as newer vinyl siding is extremely heat resistant. However, sides of your home that get extreme direct sun in our hot Nebraska summers are at risk. If you have a grill next to the side of your home, the siding near the grill is also at risk for bubbling.

Bubbles can also be a sign that moisture has been trapped under your siding, which is a big red flag! One of the main purposes of siding is to prevent water from getting in. Bubbles indicate that water is getting under the paint and sitting on or under your siding, which can cause damage to the walls inside your home.

Fading Color

Fading color is one of the most obvious signs that you are due for new siding. Painting over faded siding is only a temporary solution to a bigger problem. Not only does faded siding look old, but it’s also an indicator that your siding is weakening. Painting your home’s exterior is not a cheap solution, either. Instead, invest your dollars into a long-term solution and upgrade your siding to something long-lasting and energy-efficient.

We’re proud to have been voted Best of Omaha in the siding category and are a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor! Our team has extensive knowledge of the most popular types and brands of siding. We also have a beautiful showroom that showcases many of our available product options. If you think your siding may be due for an upgrade, contact us today to schedule an on-site inspection.

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