5 Tips for Choosing Your New Windows

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Have you felt your windows becoming increasingly drafty lately? Drafty windows the first sign that you need your windows replaced. The window replacement process can be overwhelming at times. So, we have provided 5 tips for choosing your new windows to make the process smoother. 

What needs replacing?

For starters, you should examine each window. Make sure you are noting which windows are drafty, cracked, not sealed, etc. After you have examined the windows, you can then decide which ones need to be fully replaced. Then, you can move on to your budget, stylistic needs, and other requirements for your new windows. 

Select a Style

By selecting a certain style early on, you won’t waste time looking at others. The most common styles to choose from are double-hung windows, casement windows, and sliders. These styles each affect your curb appeal in different ways. Once you have decided on the style you are going for, you can boil down your options.

The Material

The window material can enhance the aesthetics of your home. It will also determine if you have to repaint or apply a coating for future touchups. A couple of popular options for windows are wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Similar to the style of your windows, the different materials will vary with the look of your home. 

Glass Type

The glass type of your windows may seem simple but there are many factors to think about. Some factors to consider are the shading of the glass, the ability to hold heat, and also the way the glass will reflect the sun. Most glass will have some sort of upgrade options where you can cover the windows with protectants and materials to help windows last for the long haul. 

Find a Reliable Provider

Finding a trustworthy provider to install your windows might be the most important step. Make sure you get a couple of quotes from different providers for comparison. Customer reviews will be your best friend in this process. 

Intentionally partnering with suppliers that offer excellent products and customer service allows Royalty Roofing to install the window or door you need at a price you can afford whether it is a single window or a whole-home replacement. If you are in the Omaha or Sioux City area, give Royalty Roofing a call at 402-216-8850. If you have questions or would like a free inspection, Royalty would love to help!

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